Let's be Selfless


Our non-profit leader, Layla, supports children who need a helping hand in your community. Give today and become part of a cause that brings great joy. 


Our Current Drive

Toys for Joy

Our second annual Toys for Joy drive for the patients of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is under way. The goal is to make a difference every child's life in the hospital, from infant to teen.

This act of kindness is more than just giving toys, the playtime brings welcome smiles to the children during their treatment. 

Each year we gather more contributions than the last thanks to the kindness of people. Awareness is just one of the ways our sponsor, Radio Lollipop, and our community supports us in our mission.  

Please support us in any way either large or small. Every gesture means the world to these children and is impactful in a way beyond words. 


Give to our fund

Layla uses the fund to shop for toys on the wishlist, then we give them to the children of our current drive.

Give to our fund

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Give from our wishlist

Layla makes a shopping list with items of all different costs that children will love. She would know!

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