The Story Behind LBS

Christmas Break 2017 while playing a game of battleship with my mom and dad I blurted out "I want to do a toy drive."  Seeing as it was so close to Christmas my parents said we would wait until the following year and promised we would do something.

As the next year rolled by and we got closer to the holiday I continued to talk about it with any and everyone. Slowly but surely I started to get more and more donations from friends, family and even strangers I would talk to.

When I was finally able to deliver the toys to Radio Lollipop at Nicklaus Children's Hospital and saw the smiles they brought, I was hooked!  I knew this had to become an annual event.

Since that first year, LBS expanded to also host a Tools for School Drive benefiting the children at Chapman Partnership, a local homeless shelter.

To date, thanks to all the amazing amazing support from all of you, my #SelflessSquad, we have donated:

  • Over 2,500 toys
  • Over 11,000 school supplies

And we're just getting started!

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The Community Cares for Real

When Layla was just 6-years-old her newfound passion Let's Be Selfless (LBS) donated over 700 toys for the kids at Nicklaus Children's hospital. Just like that, Toys for Joy began.

Later when school got out for the summer,  Layla came up with the idea of helping kids get ready for the upcoming school year. We discovered Chapman Partnership, who connected us to a bunch of kids who needed school supplies. So now every year we have Tools for School.

Wow, Now Everyone Knows About It

A local radio station, 93.5, heard about what we were doing and invited Layla to come talk about what she does and why. At the urging of the host, Let's Be Selfless got a Facebook and an Instagram page. A lot of people follow both of those now, and you should too!

  LBS has been featured on Channel 7 News, and Ellen Tube

Layla was awarded the 'My Future My Choice' Life Changer Award for Youth

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2nd Annual Tools For School

By Lets Be Selfless | July 13, 2021

A little thing like a pandemic and virtual learning wasn’t going to stop the #SelflessSquad! Thanks to your support 6,700 school supplies were donated to Chapman Partnership. Since things were all virtual we tweaked our donations a bit from last year and ensured everyone had headphones and USB drives along with all the standard back…

Toys for Joy. Bringing joy all year . at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

3rd Annual Toys for Joy

By Lets Be Selfless | July 13, 2021

This year was very different for us due to the pandemic however, I was determined to honor my commitment to Radio Lollipop. There was no in store clearance finds, no carefully calculated multiple transactions to stretch ever dollar but there was tons of online shopping and with the #SelflessSquad coming through even when the world…

2nd Annual Toys for Joy

By Layla Salcedo | January 26, 2020

Thanks to you, the #SelflessSquad, we collected 1,252 toys for the kids at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Life Changer Award

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

I was honored and so grateful my friends at Chapman Partnership who nominated me for this award. It was such a great experience working with the Channel 10 News crew and getting all dressed up for the award show. To be awarded the The ‘My Future My Choice’ Life Changer Award for Youth was incredible.

LBS Feature On 93.5

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

My fist time on the radio! I was so nervous but JP and Natalia at 93.5 made it so much fun!

Tools for School

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

2019. LBS took on the task of collecting school supplies for the children at Chapman Partnership, a local homeless shelter. Once again, the #SelflessSquad came through and we were able to donate 5,080 school supplies. You name it, and the kids had it. From bookbags to pencils and everything in between.

Toys for Joy

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

The year it all began, 2018. 764 toys delivered to the children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital via Radio Lollipop thanks to all of you, my #SelflessSquad.