~ Layla Tells her Story ~

During Christmas vacation of 2017, my family and I were playing Battleship and I thought of all the kids who might want to play too. So I said, "let's make a toy drive!"

When I found out about all the children like me at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, I knew who I wanted to make smile.

After toying a bit with my name "Layla Brielle Salcedo" we made the name Let's Be Selfless.

So I just started telling everybody, and got a lot of help from old friends and new friends. Now this idea from a little girl has become a really big thing!

Let's Be Selfless Together

The Community Cares for Real

When Layla was just 6-years-old her newfound passion Let's Be Selfless (LBS) donated over 700 toys for the kids at Nicklaus Children's hospital. Just like that, Toys for Joy began.

Later when school got out for the summer,  Layla came up with the idea of helping kids get ready for the upcoming school year. We discovered Chapman Partnership, who connected us to a bunch of kids who needed school supplies. So now every year we have Tools for School.

Wow, Now Everyone Knows About It

A local radio station, 93.5, heard about what we were doing and invited Layla to come talk about what she does and why. At the urging of the host, Let's Be Selfless got a Facebook and an Instagram page. A lot of people follow both of those now, and you should too!

LBS collected 1,200 toys its second year of Toys for Joy

LBS collected 5,000 school supplies its first year of Tools for School

  Layla has talked about LBS on 93.5 radio, Channel 7 News, and Ellen Tube

Layla was awarded the 'My Future My Choice' Life Changer Award for Youth

Together, we can bring joy to even more children next year!


Second Year Toys for Joy

By Layla Salcedo | January 26, 2020

This year we collected 1,200 toys for the kids at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Our annual Toys for Joy drive for the patients of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is under way. The goal is to make a difference every child’s life in the hospital, from infant to teen.  This act of kindness is more than just giving…

Life Changer Award

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

The ‘My Future My Choice’ program, sponsored by Channel 10 News, awarded Layla the Life Changer Award for Youth.

LBS Feature On 93.5

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

My 1st Radio Interview with JP and Natalia.

First Year Tools for School

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

In our first year of Tools for School we donated over 5,000 school supplies to children in need. This benefited the residents of Chapman Partnership, and helped a lot of kids become prepared for a year of school.

First Year Toys for Joy

By Layla Salcedo | January 25, 2020

In 2018, Layla collected and delivered over 700 toys for the children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. This was the fruition of Layla’s first idea for Let’s Be Selfless when she was just 6-years-old. This drive provided a much needed distraction to children who are in the hospital. It was something truly special, and the beginning…